About Us

Who we are

Hanbaz incorporated in 1996 as a worldwide active Producer Import–Exporter and Marketing Organization of Hanbaz branded products. Hanbaz has occupied an eminent position in its fields within a short span through its diverse products of Hanbaz Complete Bath Solutions and one of our exceptional offering Hanbaz PPR-C Pipe System.

HANBAZ PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM is produced out of the raw material Polypropylene random copolymer referred to as type III PPR-C(Commonly known as PP-R) Thanks to its exceptional heat stability, extraction resistance, ease of welding and installation; it provides itself a reliable water carrier and optimal plumbing solution. The assembly method, range and sizes of pipes & fittings available, versatility of the system and its excellent chemical and physical properties make Hanbaz PPR-C Pipe System a product of exceptional quality proven by years of experience.

Hanbaz branded PPR-C Pipes and fittings are manufactured at Elival Group Industries S.R.L (Milano Italy) and marketed in Middle East & South Asia region by HANBAZ Inc. Today Hanbaz is an international brand having 9 manufacturing bases across the globe. We have also developed extensive sales and distribution network across every region to serve customers in a better way.